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Hickee v3 #3 – Now in Stores

July 1, 2007

Hickee #3

Hickee v3 #3 (Alternative Comics)
By Graham Annable, Paul Harvey Brown, Scott Campbell, Vamberto Maduro, Razmig Mavlian, Nathan Stapley, and Joe White.
For Mature Readers; 32 pgs; 6.625″ x 10.25″; $2.95; ISBN-10: 1-891867-95-4; ISBN-13: 978-1-891867-95-8; Diamond Code: APR07 3315; June 2007

The third installment of this humor anthology is a gamey one! All manner of games: bouncy games; square games; gladiatorial games; ball games and more are given the Hickee treatment by a crew of expert funny men. Hailing from such diverse backgrounds as animation, illustration, and surfing, these cartoonists bring all their skills to bear in Hickee. In the tradition of Mad, Weirdo, and Plop!, this book is for lovers of screwy, humorous comics. It’s packed from cover to cover with cartoons that will delight, shock and prod your funny bone! Giggle away at the latest works of Scott Campbell, Graham Annable, Razmig Mavlian, Joe White, Nathan Stapley, Paul Brown, and Vamberto Maduro.

“If this anthology of humorous comics by a group of San Francisco-area young artists is any measure, the spirit of anti-mainstream cartooning is alive and well.”—Publishers Weekly

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Hickee v3 #3 full cover
Hickee v3 #3 sample page

Graham Annable is the award winning animator, editor, story artist, and cartoonist behind the Grickle books, Stickleback, and Hickee anthology from Alternative Comics. When he’s not swamped by his day job in Portland, Oregon, he stays up late making comics.. Contact Graham at or visit

Paul Harvey Brown is an artist living/working in Toronto, Canada. Better known in the industry as “Dr. Amazing,” Paul has been working in animation since the days before computers were invented. When he’s not animating, he can be found enjoying life’s simple pleasures — smelling roses and public streaking. Contact Paul at or visit

Scott Campbell — has comics and paintings in a number of anthologies, including the new Flight4, Beasts!, and Project:Superior. He also does a daily comic at: and is responsible for some mini comics such as “Pyramid Car”. His paintings have been shown in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Montreal. E-Mail Scott at or you can see more of his work at

Vamberto Maduro — Currently living in Toronto, Canada, Vam is the only member of Hickee with webbed toes. He works as an animator on a 3D children’s show, where his award for “Most Improved Student” in Grade 8 comes in handy. Contact Vam at or visit

Razmig Mavlian — Livin’ a wicked lifestyle in the downtown core of San Francisco, Razmig finds time to animate and draw funny cartoons. Contact Raz at or vist

Nathan Stapley lives in San Francisco and enjoys drawing, painting, and surfing in front of his house on Ocean Beach. He works as a texture artist at a video game company, but has also had several gallery showings of his own paintings and drawings. Nathan enjoys drawing comics, and hopes to put out a collection of his own. Contact Nathan at or visit

Joe White — Hailing from Ontario, Canada and now living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Joe White has formulated a fascinating theory that places the soul of America in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He works as an animator and lives in a little hut on a mountaintop. Contact Mr. White at or visit