Worried about my cat’s interest in the “new” dog



I really have no problem that my cat Lilly is interested in my father-in-law’s 300-year-old dachshund, that now seems to have become my 300-year-old dachshund.

I just wish that she would quit pussy-footing around and go ahead and start making out with him or something.

I sincerely believe that to Darwin, the dog, all cats are invisible. I don’t think that he actually notices their existence on this planet. Kind of like how we don’t notice the existence of nitrogen in its gaseous state.

Lilly is doing all of her cute tricks to cajole him into loving her, into being interested in her – not really understanding that he sees right through her. If there were a solid wall built entirely of cats, with top secret information on the other side of the cat-wall, he would be able to see the top secret information directly through the wall of cats — though he wouldn’t be able to read it, nor explain it to you – he is a dog.

Ok, so Lilly is infatuated with Darwin. She follows him around. She rubs up against stuff near him. She poses for him. She mews and purs for him. It is starting to really embarass me, in my own home.

I have tried direct intervention by formally and informally introducing them. Feeding them at the same time, and reading them their bedtime story at the same time. No use. She is still coy when it comes to actually hanging out with him.

It took her over a year to finally get used to my completely friendly Gatty cat. Lilly and Gatty are now finally sleeping squished next to each other. I don’t think Darwin has that long.

That’s why I am worry about my cat’s interest in the “new” dog.


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