Election Day – Poll Watching – Gainesville, Florida – 100 Foot Rule

The Republican Party poll watcher was annoyed by the fact that I am about 10 feet from the door to the polling place with my “Voting Rights” sign, button, hat, and was answering questions from folks when they were asking me about whether or not their I.D. was ok for them to vote, whether or not they were at the right precinct, etc.

Anyway, Florida Statute secion 102.031(4)(a) talks about nobody being allowed to solicit within 100 feet of a polling place.  When the poll workers told me that I was within the 100 foot area, I told them that I was not soliciting anything. 

The Republican Party poll watcher has been calling people on the phone for the last hour.  I’m waiting for someone to come back out to tell me to pack it up. 

I put my sign away, because it did indeed have a toll free number on the bottom of the sign for folks to call to see where their precinct was that was unrelated to the local Supervisor of Elections.


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