Sam Henderson book signing in New York

Sam Henderson book signing of Magic Whistle #11 at Desert Island on Friday, August 15

WHO: Sam Henderson

WHAT: Book signing

WHERE: Desert Island

540 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn NY 11211 • 718-388-5087

WHEN: Friday, August 15, 6PM

Admission is free to the public


New York, August 1, 2008: At what promises to be the most happening event since the premiere party for ‘Stroker Ace’, cartoonist Sam Henderson is doing a signing at Desert Island in Brooklyn on Friday, August 15, 2008 from 6-9 PM, signing copies of his newest Magic Whistle book, which is popular among people who know it exists.


“Even if you have my new book already/ just saw me/ were just there/ don’t like me/ don’t like the owner/ have other plans/ it’s raining, come anyway.” said cartoonist Sam Henderson, “There will be beer, and I know most of you like that.”


Magic Whistle #11: Body Armor For Your Dignity is the latest collection of works by Sam Henderson. Praised for finding new ways of being funny while simultaneously panned for lacking the draftsmanship skills of his peers, Henderson continues what he’s been doing all along for nearly twenty years. This 96-page tome contains stories ranging from 1 to 16 pages.


Magic Whistle #11: Body Armor For Your Dignity features the return of Monroe Simmons, a re-coloring of a story previously published in the children’s’ anthology MEASLES, tons of previously unpublished strips, and the high-low-brow humor audiences have come to expect from this cartoonist who has been nominated multiple times for a Harvey award and once for an Emmy. Despite work for publications such as NICKELODEON and VICE; storyboards for TV’s SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS; and animation for a video by THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS; Magic Whistle remains Sam Henderson’s proudest achievement. 


From Booklist, August 1, 2008:


More of Henderson’s crude but maximally energetic comics—hurray! They’re like no other artist’s, even if they do stand squarely in the traditions of big-nose gag cartooning (see Mark Newgarden’s We All Die Alone, 2005, to grok that) and bare-bones animation (Mister Magoo, Tom Terrific, Rocky and Bullwinkle). Their humor is sometimes innocently naughty, sometimes almost smart, always easy to identify with and oddly nostalgic. They look and “sound” like what you once drew and laughed at, even if, really, you never could draw or say anything funny; it helps that Henderson often recurs to childhood and adolescence for characters and situations. His single-panel cartoons and one-page strips are surefire joy-inducers (see “Patience Pays Off,” which may be hackneyed but still hits where you live), and his long stories are brilliant stuck-record routines that, like many a Monty Python sketch, trace the struggles of genial monomaniacs in a world that just won’t humor them. Come to think of it, if the Pythons had been Americans, they would have to have been Sam Henderson.


Magic Whistle #11: Body Armor For Your Dignity
By Sam Henderson, $11.95 US; Perfect bound paperback graphic novel; 96 pages; partial color; 6” x 9”; ISBN-13: 978-1-934460-04-7; ISBN-10: 1-934460-04-4; for Mature Readers.


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