Comic Book Retailer Murder Verdict Stands

The trial court ruled against him twelve days ago in just one of many, many rulings related to the litany of appeals and motions that will undoubtedly be filed over the course of years by Defendant Michael George, former comic book retailer and promoter of the Pittsburgh Comicon, as he serves his mandatory life sentence without possibility of parole after being convicted of the 1990 murder of Barbara George, who was then his wife. This article describes the most recent ruling in the appeals process:

From the Macomb Daily, May 23, 2008:

Murder verdict stands

Man asked judge to overrule jury in 1990 cold case slaying of wife

By Jameson Cook
Macomb Daily Staff Writer

A Macomb County circuit judge Friday denied Michael George’s request to throw out a jury’s first-degree guilty verdict for killing his wife in their Clinton Township comic book store nearly 18 years ago.

Judge James Biernat said although he has “misgivings” about the cold case, most notably its age, he said he was bound by the law to turn down the renewed motion for a directed verdict of acquittal…[click for the rest of the article]

Michael George looks at his wife as he heads back to jail. Circuit Court Judge James Biernat refused to overturn a jury's first-degree murder verdict against George in the slaying of his first wife in 1990.  Macomb Daily photo by David Dalton


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